Creator of a series of radiographs revealing the internal form of objects from pop culture, David Ricardo is a French graphic artist based in Paris. Since childhood, he was captivated by robots that he liked to disassemble and rebuild from scratch, it is also at this tender age that David discovered an early interest for Japanese anime. As a teenager, he discovered photography as well as the first generation of video game consoles, which led him to develop a career as editor and assistant director in the video and audiovisual industry.

In 2013, one day by chance in the radiology department of a medical center, David helped with the calibration of the machine. Seeing the medical technician using his keys and his smartphone as test subjects to adjust the pattern, this gave him the idea that you could also X-ray objects of everyday life - which is how David’s X-ray work was created.

Since then, David offers a series of radiographic works with a recognizable style; revealing the interior of our machines, but also, favorite heroes from the cinema or video games.